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Sharing on SSPN Prime : From 1st Jun until 30 Sep, for any new account opening and min deposit of RM50, stand a chance for lucky draw.Below is the URL for account creation :

Benefit for opening this SSPN Prime Account : Enjoy high interest rate Can have tax relief max 8000 ringgit if opening with kids.

Follow is step by step guide : After surf URL, at “Kod Eksekutif PTPTN” field key in 000002240.

If the account is created for own kids, “Nama Pendeposit” need fill in with father or mother name, “Nama Penerima Manfaat” will be kid name. “Nama Waris Terdekat” is optional field. Once all fields is filled up, then click on “Hantar”.After that reach payment gateway page. Over here, proceed for payment and please note down SSPN No that appear on screen. Once this step is done, click on URL below -> At this page, you click on “Daftar Penguna Baru”. At new page, you need to fill in all field as it is mandatory field. You fill up the SSPN No with the nombor that you note down just now. After done filled up, click on “Simpan”. After this step is done, then you will receiving new email.At your mailbox, after open the email, click on “di sini” then consider completed. After this step, you can use your registered email and password for login. 分享关于SSPN Prime :从6月1号到9月30号,凡是开户口者而且最少存入RM50,都有机会加入幸运抽奖。以下是那个还户口的URL : 开这个的好处:高额的年利息开户口的人可以扣个人所得税以下是步骤:当打开一下的URL之后,需要输入000002240 在”Kod Eksekutif PTPTN”. 这里,如果为了孩子开的户口,父亲或者母亲是属于Nama Pendeposit. 儿子或者女儿是Nama Penerima Manfaat. Nama Waris Terdekat 可以随便填入。 过后,就点击“Hantar”。过后,就会去到付款页面。付款成功过后,记得写下你的页面所显示的SSPN Nombor。过后去这个网页 -> 在这个页面,你可以点击Daftar Penguna Baru.在新的页面,你就看到一些需要填写的空格。 你就把那个SSPN Nombor 写在No Akaun的空格中, 然后填入其他的格子。 最后就是点击”Simpan”. 这个过程过后,就等待一个邮件的指示。在邮件里面,点击“di sini”就大功告成了。 过后就可以用你的邮件和自己放的密码登入了。

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